Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome to Project15

Project15 is a Cyber Gallery for damn near all of your graphic needs.... headers, banners, signs... anything and everything you need for your blog or website, or even if you just want something to embed in an email signature.

All of our designs are custom made to your preferences.... we work with you to get your ideas and visions for your graphics so everything will be one of a kind and to your specifications mixed, of course, with the artists own creative input.

Everything here at Project15 is personal. There are no order forms... you simply email in a request being as specific as possible about what it is you're looking for and an artist will contact you back via email to confirm and ask some questions regarding your artwork. Then, the artist will make between 2 and 4 different variations of what you were asking for and send you "negatives"... marked copies of the work that cannot be used until payment is received and unmarked copies are sent back to you.

You choose which graphic you want for the specified price but if you can't choose between just one and want to also purchase one of the others, you may do so at a reduced price.

As soon as we receive payment through PayPal or PayPal Express using either the clients PayPal account or any major credit card, we email you your graphics to be used however you wish. You will then own them although I must ask that you don't take credit for them and refer people back to Project15 if they are interested in having something made as well.

Graphics are made from a collection of our artists personal designs, images found on the web that are un-copywritten and any photographs you supply.Here at Project15, nothing is denied with the exception of child pornography or images depicting gross, violent behavior, racial slurs, or hate crimes. Anything else is a go regardless of language or strong images.

It doesn't hurt to ask. And we're shameless, so try me.

Below, you can find examples of the work and descriptions as well as pricing.

Thanks for stopping in! Please email us at project15graphics@yahoo.com if you have any questions or would like to put in a request!

***Project15 now offers graphic Announcements that can be emailed or placed in your email signature announcing an upcoming wedding, a new engagement or the birth of a new addition to the family. These can be personalized with photos, special images and any information you'd like on them.

***Project 15 is also pleased to add invitations to our list of graphics we offer. Like announcements, these can be emailed or posted to a websire or embedded in your email signature. Let your friends and family know about upcoming events with our announcements and invitations!

***Personal e-cards can be made upon request. These are done with an outside face card with mouseover effects to reveal the inside of the card. A great way to wish someone Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas!

Scroll down for examples of our latest offers!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Here are a few examples of different headers, banners and footers although sized down to be able to show them. Typically, they are sized to fit a 15 to 18 inch monitor:

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Examples of the different types of signs. These can be anything you want or larger pictures screwed around with, signatures for emails, badges, brag buttons, anything your little heart desires. They come larger for blog posts and emails and such, medium sized for the same or even smaller to fit in sidebars. You specify the required size or what you're using the graphic for in your request (most of the below signs are not actual size. They have all been adjusted to fit the panel in blogger mode):

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mouseover Effects

Mouseover effects are images that change, become other images or resize when you hold your computer mouse over them.Try it out.... hold your cursor over an image below to see the effect in action:


Project15 also offers photo alterations such as "airbrushing" or cleaning photos up. If you wanna remove a big ol' zit in a picture you have, we can do it here. Wanna get rid of that tattoo in the picture you're sending to mom? We're your men. Just about anything can be removed or cleaned up or just artistically screwed with. Below are some examples:

Mommy and Baby.....

We can make you go from THIS.....

To this.....

We can remove all kinds of junk....

Add that certain something.....

Put a naked friend in weird places....

Make comics or add funny statements...

or create beautiful keepsakes....

Just Ask!